Monday, August 15, 2011

Believe in Better Public Safety

As a husband and father of three children, I am committed to making District B a safer place for all of our families.  In 2003, my father was senselessly killed   during a burglary attempt at his home.  Losing him abruptly caused me great pain while at the same time, making me more passionate about the need to better protect our families in District B. According to data from the City of Houston's website,   four murders were committed during the month of June alone. I am committed to bringing us together as a community to come up with solutions so that we can prevent tragedies like what happened to my father and many others from happening in our community.  As your representative to the city council, I will work with you to make sure that the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of District B receives the highest priority. 
I will  bring together leaders from  civic groups and neighborhood associations located in District B to work with me to develop a plan to ensure that District B receives the necessary resources to protect our families and provide a secure and safe environment for our citizens to  live, work, and play.
I will  explore the development of a public-private partnership with the businesses in our community to identify  and fund  public safety initiatives such as the use of  security  cameras in parks and other  public areas the community  identifies that are  needed  to provide for the security and protection of our families. This type of public-private partnership has had a positive impact in other communities in our city and I believe it will produce positive results in District B as well.  I promise that budgetary constraints will not be used as a reason or excuse as to why we don't have the resources to make our community a secure and safe place to live.
I believe in funding positive crime prevention programs.   One of the most effective ways to reduce crime among our young people is the implementation of before and after school programs that decrease youth crimes and offer our children positive activities.  We must also provide adult intervention programs that benefit and help to rehabilitate many in our community who need our help and assistance to restart their lives.

Finally, I believe we should partner with the city to help ensure our police and fire departments have all the resources they need to ensure that our families are protected and our neighborhoods are safe.
Building a better District B starts with improving public safety.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In the District...

·         I want to honor District B’s vibrant history by initiating programs which monitors illegal dumping, abandoned buildings and homes, and infested vacant lots.  Our pot-holed filled streets need repairing, and our outdated sewage system needs updating.  

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Volunteer Opportunity!

Great opportunity coming up to volunteer with the Davis Campaign on Saturdays! Want to know more? E-mail us at

Monday, August 1, 2011

Introducing Jerry Davis

It is with a great sense of hope, that I have announced my plans to run for Houston City Council, District B. I believe I have the knowledge and experience to build a better District B. Having grown up in the district, I am familiar with the improvements my community needs. Together, I believe we can build better neighborhoods, better protect our families, and bring economic opportunity to the area.

Growing up in Armstrong Acres, I had a sense of pride in my community - walking past the Winchell's Donuts and J & S Barbecue on Homestead.  I want to work to preserve that history. I want the trip down Homestead, Market or Tidwell to be just as pleasing as the trip down River Oaks Blvd. Together we can work to improve our streets, drainage, sidewalks, and parks. We must move efforts along to get rid of abandoned buildings, and eliminate illegal dumping in our neighborhoods.

Being a husband and the father of three children, the safety of the residents of District B is a top priority. I believe it will be my duty as a member of city council to ensure that District B has excellent fire and police service. We must equip our first responders with the resources they need to protect our families and homes. I want our neighborhoods to be places where our families can live, work, and play together.

As one of the brothers involved in our family business, the breakfast klub, I understand the challenges of the small business community. I want to make sure that business owners in District B have the tools they need to succeed. That means working together to create programs that provide support. It also requires building relationships with investors, and giving talented people access to good jobs. As the city councilman representing District B, I will do everything within my power to foster an environment that promotes job creation and economic growth.

It is time to "Believe in B" and focus on solutions that will make our community stronger. I am ready to build a better District B!